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{whatever wednesday} oooh pretty!

here are a couple of things that have caught my eye this week:

1 // this lovely teacup collection. wade has begged me to be finished w/ the apt. we are all out of space! {little does he know that our home will ever be evolving. hee hee.} but i agree we need more wall space. talk about the perfect dining room wall "art":

{source: pinterest}

2 // who's thrilled about heading home for easter!?! i am. i am. i'm also eying this adorable "i heart illinois" necklace by truche on etsy. such a cute little tribute to my sweet illinois. find your own state - here:

{source: truche}

3 // these adorable hardware store ideas from country living:

l: wall storage from cardboard tubes.
r: an easy to clean up playhouse from roller shades (GENIUS! - i must remember this for someday when we have kiddos!)

{source: country living}

4 // this pretty pretty chair inspiration from name design studio on etsy:

spring armchairs

5 // our kitchen is by far my favorite room in our apt. and i'm pretty sure the favorite for everyone that comes to visit as well. isn't this adorable vintage kitchen full of bright colors and mismatched prints inspiring!?! again with the fresh flowers ... love!

{source: myhomeideas}


adrian hitt said...

our kitchen is my favorite room, too! totally drooling on that wall of teacups.

Charcoal and crayons said...

Definitely a lovely collection! I'm really loving that chair... such a great shade of blue.
- Andrea

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Wow! Those teacups and that kitchen! LOVE!

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