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we joined a gym!

and not just any gym ...

{source: climb nashville}

over the weekend, we saw the film 127 days. it's the true story of a mountain climber (played by james franco) who becomes trapped under a boulder while climbing alone and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive. wade promises the film isn't the only reason he was motivated to join a rock climbing gym this week. and i believe him --- he has had major spring fever. climbing/hiking is about all he has talked about lately!

at first, i tried to persuade him to consider a regular people gym - ie. the ymca. but once we looked further into all that a climb membership includes ... we both were impressed: core conditioning classes, kickboxing, a weight/cardio room + rock climbing! and as an added bonus morning/evening yoga classes by sanctuary for yoga.

i'm actually pretty excited about the membership now! just sounds like fun.

do you know the best part about joining a rock climbing gym w/ your husband? we're pretty much required to work out together (one belayer/one climber) - at least until we make gym friends. this morning we took a yoga class! it was the 2 of us + 2 others and the instructor ... intimidating but fantastic! and tonight we climb. have i mentioned that i have a slight fear of heights!?!

i think it's safe to say we're officially hippie cool. (unfortunately bonaroo tix aren't included w/ membership - though they totally should consider it!)

so now it's your turn ... what's your idea of a fun workout?


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