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{today i'm rockin' ...} sequins!

in honor of the royal wedding this morning, i'm wearing sequins!

okay not really. i wanted to wear a plain white top today - but the only one clean was adorned w/ sparkle. and let's face it - the hat i had planned to wear today in honor of the big day probably wouldn't have gone over so well at the office. casual fridays and all:

... so sequins it is!

check out these other sequin-adorned finds i've got my eye on:

Glimmer Glamour Jacketban.do heart shoe clips

1 // urban outfitters sequin swirl pillow
2 // anthropologie luminescent top
3 // modcloth glimmer glamour jacket
4 // toms silver glitters
5 // ban.do heart shoe clip
6 // tfnc all over sequin w/ keyhole back dress

also in honor of royal wedding day ... okay - not really again - check it out: A GIVEAWAY!!!


Kendahl said...

in case you were really contemplating the sequin dress, they have one (I actually like it a bit better :) at Jcrew in the clearance section for $99 and then 30% off all clearance! Still a bit pricey, but if you watch things on there they tend to drop in price!! Just thought I'd pass it on...I thought it was adorable when I saw it on there the other day!!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oooh - you are so right! that is adorable! ps. good to see you at easter!

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