Test Title 1

{look for less} jcrew

okay okay - pretty sure i say this EVERY TIME i do a new {look for less} ... but this is my ultimate favorite. this is über hard during tax season. i am loooooving the contrast of the sequins and sweatshirt tee. and i'm convinced that my version of the jcrew disco mini would revolutionize my wardrobe (is it too early to mention that my birthday is coming up? i mean ... it's august 4th - that's sort of coming up. mom - are you listening reading?).

check out how you can purchase this ridiculously cute jcrew outfit for $539.99 less:

{source: jcrew}

the jacket:

 Bonfire Blazer - Quiksilver
l: jcrew eyelet school boy blazer {148.00}
r: quicksilver bonfire blazer {69.50}

okay - the jacket isn't spot on ... but i'm going to tell you a little secret - i like it better! so i quit looking. ;)

the top:

l: jcrew marled sweatshirt tee {55.00}
r: american eagle slouchy fleece poncho {19.99}

the skirt:

l: jcrew disco mini {350.00}
r: tfnc all over sequin w/ keyhole back dress {43.03}

BONUS - you get a dress and a skirt and a shirt. the possibilities!

the shoes:

l: jcrew sevigne washed leather sandals {138.00}
r: top shop hot yellow strappy sandals {45.00}

the hat:

l: jcrew windmill straw hat {39.50}
r: merona blue pattern floppy hat {12.99}

free people {730.50}
my look {190.51}


Kristen said...

You're too cute! And I'm OBSESSED w/ that skirt (and dress)!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

right!?! i need it!!! (okay - no i don't ... but i do love it!)

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