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fri-DIY: repurposed desk drawers

you know the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure". well around our house - we have taken that saying to heart! :) i drive alleyways scoping out the latest finds! of course, that requires a bit of creativity.

take these desk drawers for example:

pretty hideous as is. wade and i happened upon the MOTHERLOAD of broken down desks last sunday afternoon. we passed them up - but all day long i kept coming up with new ways we could use old desk drawers. while i was at bible study later that evening, my fantastic husband took a walk and grabbed a couple of the drawers (and just in time - might i add - it began to rain w/in the hour.)

the plan - more drawer space for our little kitchen! :)

1 // i removed the wooden knobs from each drawer. then sanded the front panel of each drawer and washed them to remove the sawdust. i also cleaned out the inside of the drawers - who knows what was stored in them before.

2 // in a continued effort to add more color to our bland apartment (yes - excluding our TEAL kitchen table) ... i chose a couple of colors that matched our living room rug - a green and an orange.

then i painted the front panel of each drawer a different color:

3 // once painted, the drawers were a bit too new not to mention bright! ... so i decided to weather them a bit. i hand sanded the edges and the fronts. {speaking of bright - how about that nail polish. yikes.}

4 // having never weathered anything before, i decided to get creative and take my weathering one step further. i used our ebony from our bookshelves and desk (which i still haven't shared!) to stain over the paint.

a light coat and a quick wipe clean ...

the result: a nice weathered almost burned effect. (NOTE: the stain was probably a bit darker than i really wanted to go ... but the drawers were free and so were my supplies!)

5 // finally i added the perfect finishing touch ... a few antique knobs swiped from an old water warped hutch that my great aunt was about to throw in her burn pile:


now our potatoes and onions no longer are housed in a paper bag in the corner. :)

wade and i have another trash to treasure DIY planned for the weekend. it's even more fun than this one. or at least it is in my mind. get excited!


Anonymous said...

They turned out so good! I need to hire you to come help me with some refurbishing I need to do around the house!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Cool Blair!!

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