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easter 2011

luckily we celebrated easter on saturday this year ... bc i spent the majority of easter sunday in bed w/ something ick! my easter dress barely made an appearance. then i enjoyed the rest of my day in pjs + a bucket! woo hoo. nothing like being quarantined to an upstairs bedroom when fun is happening downstairs!

but here are a couple of pictures from our saturday celebration:

1 // my grandma spent the holiday w/ us while mom and her sisters sorted out her care for the future. could you keep them in your prayers? they have some tough decisions to make.

2 // every year we have a family (raw) egg toss. the little ones and my 83 year old grandma are included in the pairings. i lucked out w/ my cousin stephen as my partner - but my 5 year old nephew + brother beat us all! then it was on to the egg decorating contest. this year the judge was announced AFTER the decorating. (2 years ago, my nephew was the judge and my brother made a lightning mcqueen egg that swept the boards!) i had a hunch that the judge this year would be grandma - so i went sparkle-tastic. instead my dad was the judge - and it still caught his eye. everybody loves glitter! my nephew won this event too - but i consider myself an honorary winner - 1st adult.

3 // my $1.00 garage sale easter dress!

4 // we usually forget to get a "family" picture of just wade and i. luckily we didn't forget this year ... and we captured it the day before i got sick.

5 // the big event - the easter egg hunt. examining our loot. i wasn't the only adult to participate - there's cash in some of the eggs! my nephew (yes - the same one that one the egg toss and the egg decorating contest) banked w/ $25.00 ... while i walked away with a whopping 50¢.

6 // by the end of the day, we were all overfed and ready for naps!


Ashley said...

That dress is so pretty, what a steal for just a $1! Your egg totally should have won by the way.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

why thank you, ashley! just checked out your blog! love your 100 confessions! :)

mundayseven said...

So fun to see yalls pictures- I really like the one of you and Wade! Have a great week!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The Pink dress is so pretty! What a fun find. Hope you are starting to feel better.

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