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{wish list} flea market finds

the flea market is open at the tennessee fairgrounds again this weekend! there's all this talk about fairs being a dying breed and making the grounds a park or something - but for now ... the flea market prevails! and i plan to take full advantage of it!

my wish list of flea market finds is getting rather extensive. here are just a couple of things i've been keeping an eye out for:

{source: pinterest}

1 // i've been super envious of ashley from under the sycamore's kitchen chairs for quite some time. then i read back and found out that she bought them for ... drum roll ... $12! dang!!! now i'm on a mission.

2 & 3 // our desk is a major sore spot in our current apt. we don't have a separate office - so it's currently part of our bedroom. grr. with the spring weather, we plan to sand it and stain it! and then i'll need a couple little desk accessories. love this repurposed brush! and of course that ruler lamp would make for a fantastic DIY. genius!

4 // i am the queen of baskets. it's true. but the "new basket" is the vintage crate. looooove that little crate shelf! we can always use more storage!

5 // yes - i really really want a dress form. i've mentioned it ... ur ... 5 or 6 times on here!

6 // and another school inspired must-have ... how cute is that bud vase made from a vintage test tube set. love!


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