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{someday} really loooooong hair

i've been growing my hair out for 3 years now. when i first met wade ... i wore it ridiculously short - and curly! proof:

{photo courtesy: erick anderson}

like every other bride i know, i decided to grow it out for our wedding (and of course - wore it up). about once a week i get really restless to chop it all off again. today is one of those days!

but someday: i want really ridiculously long hair.

some {hair}spiration to get me through the day:


Heather René said...

I'm right there with you! I chopped mine to donate when I moved out to LA, & now trying to grow it back out... Sone days cutting just seems easier! :)

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

I think most women struggle with this! I love hair either really short -- like a bob -- or really long. It's so tempting to cut mine, but my long hair really does make me feel sexier. And feeling sexy is sort of hard to come by. So I hang on to that!

(I love you with a curly bob though, sweetheart. I would totally be in support of a short 'do on you. You have gorgeous hair.)

Staci said...

The first picture looks just like a brunette Kate Hudson (in Almost Famous).
I recently just chopped my hair off. Like, a lot. And I did it myself in my bathroom. It's so much easier to get a dramatic change by going short than by being patient to go long. Long hair is so worth it, though! I loved my long hair for several years. Resist the temptation to bust out the scissors, even though sometimes it seems that growing can take forever!

a case of the mundays said...

ha - staci. i've thought the same thing. but since it's me ... didn't really think i could claim kate hudson!

exactly - i want long hair - but after a while i feel so "sarah plain and tall". short hair is variety. but long hair def makes me feel sexy. and you're right, ellen. that's hard to come by! (though not for you!!!) ;)

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