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{happy list} boston inspired

wade and i had a wonderful time in boston over the weekend. we left bright and early on friday morning (taxi pickup at 4.00am to be exact!) - and then i returned last night. he's still there until weds for work. lucky.

i LOOOOVE that city! here's a little boston inspired happy list:

1 // senegalese food. friday night we had dinner @ teranga in the south end w/ friends mike and nicole. i had michoui - marinated roasted lamp served w/ camelized onion sauce and moroccan couscous - and a glass of bouye juice. wade had brochettes de poulet - skewered chicken served with fried sweet plantains, onion and sriracha sauce. what are the chances that nashville has a senegalese restaurant!?! :)

{courtesy: dan watkins}

2 // burdick's. i've mentioned burdick's before when i've posted about boston - but it deserves to be repeated. there's no better way to warm up on a cold day than with the B-E-S-T cup of hot chocolate in the city world! this trip i cheated lent a teensy bit to share a small cup of venezuelan hot chocolate. think dark chocolate w/ a bit of almond flavor ... yum! and of course burdick's has jumped on the macaron bandwagon with their own version, luxembourgers. (oh hey they're gluten free!)

3 // all this talk about food, it's a good thing that boston is know as ... the walking city. it's nicknamed the walking city because thanks to b-town's awesome public transportation system, walking is the cheapest and easiest way to get around town. plus - if you want to learn a bit about the history of our country, you can just hop on the freedom trail! i love how much we walk when we're in town - i don't have to feel as bad about enjoying the fine cuisine.

{source: we ♥ it}

ooh - since we're talking about food ... this is where i should also mention the paramount. we enjoyed a delicious brunch served cafeteria style at this little restaurant on sunday morning w/ our friend ashish. it opened in beacon hill in 1937 - and there's been a line out the door since! such a fun bit of yummy boston history.

4 // cozy winter fashion. it's true people. i'm not ready to give up my warm layers yet - despite the 74ยบ weather outside today in nashville. so i felt particularly at home in b-town where everyone was still layering and wearing boots of every shape and size. i might have purchased 2 new pairs while shopping the clearance racks at uo in harvard square:

{click to shop}

i've been wanting black boots for a while ... but the brown pair was definitely boston inspired. now for some inspiration before i try to pull them off:

5 // and last but certainly not least ... much needed family time with my big sister, her husband and their little boys (dayton - 3, easton - 6mo). my brother-in-law brandon is currently posted in newport, rhode island - so they made the quick trip to boston to spend the day w/ us. the 6 of us took the city by storm:

* breakfast @ trident on newbury street
* urban outfitters to buy dayton an elephant piggy bank
* a tour of the uss constitution in charlestown
* the yummiest lunch @ parish cafe
* a quick tour of the commons and the very spot where wade and i got engaged
* hot chocolate @ burdick's in harvard square
* urban outfitters to buy a replacement elephant piggy bank (oops!)
* dinner in the north end
* and finally ... boston cream pie @ the omni parker hotel

by the end of the day, we were stuffed to the gills, a little sore from all our walking ... and we had 2 tuckered out - but perfectly pleasant - little nephews to say goodbye to. hopefully someday we'll be able to live closer to each other ... in the meantime, we treasure the quick trips we do get to share.

hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


myfriendstaci said...

I love Boston! We went there for part of our honeymoon last year. The freedom trail was so interesting and a great way to see the contrast between old and new--you'd have a historic building in front of you and modern buildings around it! Should have tried Senegalese food! We had Chilean sandwiches at Chacarero :)

a case of the mundays said...

i agree. so much history. so much culture. already ... i can't wait to get back there. :)

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