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{food for thought} meal swaps

{source: hip2save}

a while ago one of my blog favorites wrote a post w/ pictures of her family prepping for a monthly meal swap. i of course can't figure out WHO i was reading at the time ... but i thought it to be pure genius. "freezer meal swap" once a month = great time saver and money saver!

angela from the coupon project guest posted on hip2save and shared a sample swap:

8 participants
1 recipe each x 8 batches

each participant chooses a recipe from the book fix, freeze, feast (there are lots of other freezer focused recipe books out there - this was the one they chose to focus on). hip2save's recipe for the week was mango-cranberry chicken. (yum!)

she prepped 8 batches of the recipe then put them in labeled freezer bags. and then the night of their swap, she went home w/ honey glazed chicken, chicken fajitas, ginger beef, molasses rum chicken, basil balsamic chops, chicken parmesan, and sweet asian chicken in addition to her meal.

she bought:
$40 worth of chicken breast
$10 worth of mango ginger chutney
$3 worth of dried fruit

that's right, only $53 dollars on her meal! break it down and that's approx $6.50 a meal!! woah nelly.

wade and i spent $41.92 on groceries this week. it's been an easy week to stay w/in our $40 food budget bc we've been so dang busy and haven't really had time at home this week. that said ... i'm def interested in starting a swap of my own! i figure 8 freezer meals is more like 16 meals for wade and i when you consider leftovers ... and this dramatically cuts down on kitchen time.

any interest, nashville girls? {click here}


OC MD Beach Girl said...

wow this is a great idea! I wish you lived closer!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oh darn. might be a bit far to carry your portions on ice. :) maybe you can start your own. so far - we have loved our swap group!

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