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tues-DIY: i have a confession

... i wear clothes that are so last season. i remember a year ago i took some of my clothes to one of those resale shops ... and they said "um yeah, this is older than 1 season. we only accept items that are 1 season old or less." that blew my mind. heck - i wear clothes that are from high school if they work! (and feel pretty damn proud of myself for fitting into them!)

and if they no longer "work" ... i prefer to make them into something before goodwill-ing them. such is the case w/ my little bdg skimmers from urban outfitters. they were really stretched out - a major tripping hazard. i probably bought them on sale for only 19 buckaroos (or less) - but it's really hard to throw out something so loved, eh?

so i've found a little fix. and i thought i'd share.

w/ a bit of embroidery thread, i gathered up the excess fabric - and made a cute little embroidered fold. i particularly love the contrast of the blue against the dark rose.

of course ... i could never have ENOUGH skimmers. today i have my eye on this little green pair (yes - green is my fav color this week):


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