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{someday}/{simple things}: clothesline

my best friend laura and i finally exchanged christmas gifts on sunday morning after an early morning walk down belmont blvd. we used to walk 2-3 miles together everyday - sweet memories.

laura is super practical (get this ladies & gents - she buys 1 christmas gift each month all year long. doh - why didn't i think of that!?! great idea!!) ... so in true laura fashion, she bought wade and i a second set of sheets off our gift registry. love.

which got me to thinking of another sweet memory ...

{source: dom o'donnell}

{source: linda jackman photography}

{sourc: elena baca}

someday ...

wade and i will have a backyard ... and in that backyard - a clothesline. lots of benefits of hang drying your clothes. here are a few:

* conserve a bit of energy. people that line dry save aprox $100 buckaroos on their energy bill each year by not using their dryers. AND in the summer, dryers cause extra heat increasing the temp inside your home - this can up your cooling bill too!
* sun bleach & soften our towels & sheets w/o chemicals. {Lord knows w/ my allergy attacks lately, i could benefit from this!}
* lengthen the lifespan of our clothes. dryers cause wear and tear, shrinkage AND thin fabrics.

and of course ...

* enjoy relief from the heat beneath the clothesline. perfect for summer naps and daydreams. love.


Ellen said...

what a sweet post!

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