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mon-DIY: happy valentine's day

hello LOVElies.

first - a confession: i haven't blogged since last thursday! truth is ... work last week was killer. looking at my "to do" list this morning, i feel very accomplished. but i feel like i neglected you all! so i promise several fantastic blogs this week. (urr ... that's the plan at least!)

so ... it's VALENTINE'S DAY.

and wade and my 1st valentine's day as a married couple.

i am the queen of "family traditions" (honestly, it makes wade a bit crazy. but i come up with them anyways.) so our new tradition for valentine's day is to make gifts instead of purchase the usual flowers & chocolates (Lord knows i don't need chocolates this time of year after my workout routine has been in hibernation for 2 months!!)

we spent saturday apart working on our homemade gifts. and in true wade/blair fashion - we couldn't resist opening our gifts early.

the results were fantastic!

for wade ...

remember our wedding reception table runners? @ christmas time, i re-purposed them into stockings for wade & i ... and was featured in the before/afters on design*sponge. LOVE! well, i have 27 tables worth of burlap to play w/!

so i made my book lover saddlebags for our bed:

i'm in LOVE, too!

the saddlebag goes above the box spring and under the mattress hanging evenly on each side of the bed so that we each have 2 pockets for night time necessities. (here's a question - would you buy something like this!?! i could do a few standard designs and custom orders. i'm thinking etsy!)

for me ...

we LOVE our apartment. the only thing missing is a yard or at least some space for a little herb garden. so wade built a window box for the window just above our kitchen sink. i'm thrilled and can't wait for spring! (the 66ยบ weather this weekend didn't help either!)

he also picked up a few packets of seeds - rosemary, chives and basil. we'll begin our gardening experience next month! for now ... i daydream:

last but definitely not least ... we spent breakfast this morning at a fundraiser/celebration of the mary parrish center of nashville. it was founded 10 years ago today as a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. we are so honored to be a part of this organization. check out their website for more info! {note: looks like they are having some site problems. hopefully it will be back up shortly!)

share LOVE this valentine's day - whether it be w/ those you're closest to or a stranger you happen upon.



Leigh said...

love the book saddlebags...and I would buy one (unless my sister decided to make me one. :)

Ellen said...

the saddlebags are GREAT! And so is Wade's windowbox. Sweet ideas!!

Nuha said...

Okay I'm loving the book saddlebags...I'd make one for myself but I would probably hurt myself somehow in the morning. So glad you stumbled across my blog, I love meeting people who are close enough to be true life bloggy friends! xoxo

a case of the mundays said...

ha @nuha ... that is a def worry. wade is the clumsy one in this marriage - though i wouldn't exactly call myself coordinated. you're in memphis correct? blog stalked! :)

Courtney said...

I try to make Scott's presents too. This year I settled for making little felt fortune cookies and stuffing each with a fortune or bit of information that had a special meaning. Then I went and got one of those boxes that look like the Chinese delivery boxes and decorated it all for Valentine's. :) I think they turned out pretty cute and I think he liked them as well.

Faith said...

I love the saddlebags idea a lot!! I have that same bed skirt ;). And yes I am commenting on a few week old post... Just catching up!

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