Test Title 1

love: i &hearts surprises!

remember this butterfly necklace i included on my oh okay ... i'll spend 500+ buckaroos on tires blog post {woah - what a name!}

{available on etsy now: my selvaged life}

well ... it ended up at my door last thursday!

i was shocked. i looked at wade - and then at the necklace - and then back to wade ... and admitted somehow accidentally i must have clicked "buy". pretty embarrassed that i could purchase a necklace and not even remember it!

then monday am, i went to get dressed and pick out the perfect outfit to compliment the new necklace. when it hit me ... maybe the etsy shop owner sent it bc i posted a blog about her necklace. {wishful thinking} i ran into the kitchen & pulled the receipt out of the trash.

the necklace wasn't from the etsy shop owner {duh!} ... but it was a sweet surprise from a sweet family member.

you know who you are. thank you. i love it.


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