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french kissed: alexandre desplat

did you watch the oscars?!?

we watched a bit. remember how we don't have cable - just digital tv and a broken pair of bunny ears? well - we could only get clear reception if i had my hand raised high above my head. i gave it a go (even raised my feet for a while) ... and finally we settled on 28.1 (ion) to watch "good fellas" for the umpteenth time this month.

obviously - we need to see the king's speech! that movie is sweeping the floors this year. which brings me to today's french kissed: alexandre desplat

you probably haven't heard of him ... but i guarantee you've heard his work. the french movie composer has scored several successful films including syriana, fantastic mr. fox, the curious case of benjamin button, the king's speech and my personal favorite coco avant chanel.

it's a rainy awful day outside today in perfect need of a soundtrack. sit back, relax ... and enjoy this tiny sampling of alexandre desplat:

1) dreamcatcher: the twilight saga: new moon
2) the engagement: birth
3) children's games: the curious case of benjamin button
4) sunrise on lake ponchartrain: the curious case of benjamin button
5) the meadow: the twilight sage: new moon
6) river waltz: the painted veil
7) lovegood: harry potter and the deathly hallows


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