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felt friday/fri-DIY: my paper heart v-day garland

remember the paper garland i made @ christmas? well i still have 250 pages left in the book to put to good use! so i decided to make a v-day sequel.

i'm calling it ... my paper heart v-day garland:

* paper
* felt
* sewing machine
* thread
* scissors

step 1) cut out several paper & felt hearts. i chose to make 2 templates - a big and a small ... but this could look super cool with all different shaped hearts.

step 2) sew from the top to bottom through the middle of the heart.

then continue to sew one heart after another varying sizes and materials.

step 3) either drape your garland or cut into different lengths and hang from the ceiling w/ {my secret weapon} 3m command clear decorating clips - love them for little holiday decs.

voila ...


Mom said...

Cute, Honey. Wish I had your energy.

Taylor said...

So stealing this idea!!!! You are amazing! Come decorate my condo please!?!?!?!

Leigh said...

Love this....and loving that I can now post comments.

a case of the mundays said...

@taylor ... your place is looking great! you don't need me!!!

@leigh ... yay! i didn't realize people were having problems commenting. glad it's fixed. ps - show brandon the lissie post - i think ya'll will like her sound.

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