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whatever wednesdays: mehndi inspired treats!

i am a bit partial to henna ... brings back sweet memories of our honeymoon in morocco. remember:

{see the whole post here}

so of course i would be drawn to these mehndi inspired cookies by sugarsugarcreations.com. sweet fiona claims that she's slightly embarrassed to even post these because she's "nowehere near as competent at this type of piping as some of the AMAZINGLY talented people" online. but ... i beg to differ. they are picture perfect.

almost too pretty to eat! almost ...

{photos courtesy: sugarsugarcakes}

should i even attempt to make a version of my own?!?


mary said...

those cookies look so beautiful! and delish :)

whenever you get preggers you should henna your belly. Ive seen so many bellies henna-ed by moms at their/for their baby showers. Should I have another rather than adopt I will for surely get it done.xo

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