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broken ...

last night wade and i woke to a crash in the kitchen. actually 2 crashes: the first was the ladle falling from the built-in. the second was the dish that originally bumped the ladle off the built-in. i guess the foam strips i had used to prop up our plates aren't weatherproof. {sadly - this was the SECOND plate we have lost in the cold.} so now i've removed all the plates from display until i can figure out a safer method to prop them up ... any suggestions?

then, this morning i went to do my hair - and my chi wouldn't turn on.

wade sweetly reminded me that the plates and the straightening iron are just things ... and i agreed.

thankfully that is all that is broken. not any legs or arms or ribs from our spontaneous snowboard capitol hill adventure last night. wade has had the snowboarding itch for a while ... so we called up sean, whitney, david and ethan and we hit the "slopes":

{they were off ...}

{he has been wanting to do this for YEARS!}

{not only were wade's socks from his last snowboarding trip still in his bag - but taped to his snowboard was a reminder of his accident last year on 1.9.10!}


Lindsey said...

I had this problem before. In the past, I have actually dug little divets in the wood to help hold them. And then there is always the more obvious, but not as cute, little stands. I have done the small black iron ones before and spray painted them white. I love your plate wall - you must find a way!

And my CHI did that last year. Blah. I ended up spending a fortune on a GHD, but I'm pretty sure the CHI was just as good.

a case of the mundays said...

hmm ... like with a dremel tool? unfortunately - we're renting ... so i'm not sure i can get too handy. :( must figure something out!!!

a case of the mundays said...

so ... i'm thinking i could make something similar to the foam with a dowel rod, a can of white paint and some nails. or if not a dowel rod - some sort of trim. brainstorming session ...

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