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home sweet home ... maybe?

wade and i fell in love last june.

it was a 4 bedroom + 2 bath in gallatin, tn - complete with mini wine cellar. and we could see many many munday memories forming as we dreamed up a future in that house. but there wasn't peace. it was short sale - and we were 3 months out from the wedding - before long we reluctantly removed our offer. and decided to move on.

{side note: we received a call a few weeks into august that the house was affected by the nashville flood - and had standing water & over 2' of mold in the basement.}

now we love our little apt - don't get me wrong! it's cute and perfect for us at this time. and in all honestly, it will be one of those places that we look back on and think "remember where we lived when we first were married". but ... we're getting restless. (and tired of investing in ... good credit alone.)

so we spend a lot of our free time scouring craigslist and real tracs. yesterday wade came across a new place. and we went to visit in last night.

could we really be falling in love all over again?

meet our latest prospect:

this little sweet pea was built in 1799. that's right ... 1799! it's on the national register of historic places. it currently has 2 bedrooms + 1 bath ... but includes a detached cook house which would make for a darling guest house + studio (oooh room for my crafts!?!). w/ some blair & wade TLC + and a can or two of paint, it could be cute as can be.

now to find some funds? donations accepted. ;)

okay - so we're not quite there yet. but we are very much in love. and we're considering our likes vs dislikes. the likes: a nice corner lot w/in a block from the lake, history (lots and lots of history), 12' ceilings, not 1 but 2 fireplaces. dislikes: wallpaper (that must be taken down - though this then becomes a like ... lots of fun decorating!), no chickens allowed + no room for a horse, hendersonville.

what would be your dream house - and your MUST HAVES?


Brian and Angie Seehafer said...

I love it woman! It's absolutely beautiful!! It looks like you guys.

Aliza said...

I totally agree! It looks like you two! Where are you at at this point with this prospect?

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