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merry happy!

we spent Christmas eve with wade's folks here in tennessee. then left late in the day to spend a few days with my family in illinois. our usual 6.5 hour drive (which might i add is LONG enough) ... ended up taking almost 10 hours because of the snow! beautiful ... but a little scary in our little car w/ 1 bald tire.

finally we arrived at 12:45am on christmas morning to a winter wonderland! how picture perfect is my parents' house in snow!?!

i was spoiled rotten - good food, good company, great gifts!

now we're in the in-between ... the "merry happy". and i love the in-between! included in that spoiling is ONE ENTIRE WEEK OFF OF WORK ... time to settle before the start of a new year.

wade & i are heading to a cabin in east tennessee this weekend with friends sean & whitney. so i've only got 2 more days to "settle". i started today by finishing Christmas presents. {ridiculous, i know. i have concluded that next year i will begin in AUGUST! ha. that way i can make more!!!}

remember the perpetual calender/journal DIY by ashley from under the sycamore. a katrillion index cards later ... and i had my own perpetual calendars for the ladies in my life. i especially love this idea for young mommies like my sisters & sister-in-laws. such a sweet way to keep track of memories. (someday i plan to make a little calendar for each of our future mundays.)

{check out all of those index cards - and that's only PART OF THEM.}

can you believe it's already weds?!? my list is nearly a mile long!!! time to get busy!


Lindsey said...

those calendars are so cute! i want one! I think this is one craft project of yours that I may tackle. Let me know if you ever decide to do a girls craft night. Would love to come learn from you!

A Case Of The Mundays said...

fantastic idea. i'll have to think something up!

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