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weekend update: home sweet home

happy monday!

we had a fantastic weekend. rather unproductive ... but honestly, sometimes it's best for me to be unproductive. (consider this: wade applauded one morning this weekend when he realized i was sitting in the same spot after his shower as i had been before. i guess it is rare for me to sit still and relax.)

friday evening we went to the dreaded cool springs. ick! worse ... 2nd friday night in a row. cool springs is the mecca of christmas hustle and bustle ... especially since opry mills mall is still closed from flood damage. it's commercial sensory overload with strip malls back to back and bumper to bumper traffic oct 31st through december 26th. {did i say "ick" already?}

but it has the only bed, bath and beyond with a fine china dept in all of nashville. and with a whopping $650 in gift cards to spend, we had planned to finish off our registry. (un)fortunately, the gal at the registry desk informed us of a bridal free for all on 12/5 - in which all brides (and grooms) married within the last 3 months and registered at BB&B get 20% off their entire registry. (i parenthesis "grooms" because there's no way i can drag wade down there again.) looks like i will be going this one alone. and it shall be an adventure ... but Lord knows i love a good discount.

saturday morning we continued our "saturday morning waffle family tradition". i invited our friend krystal over to the house - and attempted (with success!) pumpkin waffles. delicious. but you wanna know the best thing about our tradition w/ a guest of honor? besides waffles & fantastic company of course - wade and i woke early to straighten house! one big "to do" off the list bright and early.

{he matches our dinnerware!}

in the afternoon, i finished up some sewing while wade read and watched football. we also played a round of tennis (attempted - i'm absolutely awful) and went for a run. to finish the day off, we stopped by ryan's house warming party (cute cute place!) and then relaxed and watched coco avante chanel - having rented it at least 4x finally justified the purchase.

{bunting perfect for kitchen windows.
materials: little vintage doilies from etsy & ribbon from joann fabric and craft stores.}

yesterday started off as uneventful but delightful. we went to church in the morning, ran errands in the early afternoon and i lead bible study for my high school girls. wade took off this morning for 2 days in denver and then 3 days in austin ... so we decided to hit the sack early.

about an hour after we fell asleep - we both woke immediately to the sound of what sounded like someone shouting. we both immediately shot up in bed exclaiming "JERRY!". Jerry is our neighbor - he's an elderly gentleman that lives in the apt across the hall. wade quickly dressed and ran across the hall. he knocked but we heard nothing. then we started to hear something that sounded like sobbing. shaken i attempted to call our landlord - and wade ran downstairs and around to the backdoor of Jerry's apartment. finally he sent a text that everything was okay and he'd be home in a few.

the first noise we heard was Jerry falling down. apparently he had passed out. then we heard him coming to and whimpering over his hurt shoulder. by the time wade had gotten into his apartment Jerry was up and sitting at the end of the bed icing his shoulder. wade helped him clean up his spilled wine and settle for a bit and gave him our phone numbers in case he needed anything in the future. then, he came back to bed.

thank you God that Jerry is okay.

all in all it was a rather uneventful (phew!) yet fantastic weekend.
how was yours?


Jen_Jake'smom said...

you are so sweet to care about your neighbor. sounds like maybe he needs to give you a key. ;) My across-the-street neighbors have my key, and they watch out for me - like sending texts when my genius child didn't shut my car door.

Next time save me some pumpkin waffles, eh?


A Case Of The Mundays said...

that's such a smart idea! i'm glad we now have his phone number (and birthday!). i felt a little weird having wade peak in all of his windows - but we couldn't just go back to bed!

we should at least grab coffee if not waffles sometime. :) still at belmont? if so, we're super close!

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