Test Title 1

poor wade - he's having a really bad day.

this morning while preparing breakfast - wade accidentally turned on the wrong burner. incidentally the kitchen filled with the smell of cast iron and smoke rather than fresh brewed coffee. realizing his mistake we both got tickled. you see this has become a regular routine ... it takes wade a bit to wake up in the morning.

when he finally sat down to join me at the table ... *crack* ... the chair completely exploded beneath him. luckily wade survived with only a minor puncture wound to the shirt and a scratch on his back ... but the chair did not fare so well. {darn - we were hoping to hold off on buying kitchen chairs. not sure how long we can now as it looks like we have a sitting hazard on our hands.}

well ...

it gets worse. i was home for lunch when i got a call from wade. he wondered if i had spare keys to his truck and if so, how long it would take me to get across town to 5pts. he had locked himself out of the truck.

want to know the best part?

it was RUNNING! and had been running for over an hour! hee hee. wade had lunch plans with a friend and was running a bit late - so when he saw his friend pull up, he jumped out of the car completely forgetting to shut it down!

poor wade! it's been a long week.


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