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i'm still here ...

i haven't posted since last weds!!! get out!?!

as many of you know, wade and i do not have internet at the apt (internet or cable to be exact). and wanna know a secret!?! we aren't missing it. in fact ... it's fantastic! the only exception - when i want to blog. i have to find a free lunch hour or come into the office early/stay late. {and if i can't make that work ... i can always convince wade into a fido run - our favorite coffee shop.}

so that's my excuse for my absence!

wade and i spent thanksgiving day with his family and 8 LITTLE ONES UNDER 8 (emphasis necessary!). wow! then we spent the day after thanksgiving lying around the whole day with some sort of stomach bug. our first couple sick day ... trading off bathroom fun. wah wah. not our most attractive moment(s) yet.

saturday feeling much better, we went and picked out our first ever munday christmas tree. and it's fantastic (too). wade and i have big eyes (remember our bookshelves - we guessed the ceiling to be 13' when it was only 9') ... well we did it again. our tree stand is for a tree less than7' and a trunk less than 4" in diameter. woops! it stands barely under 9'. a bit nervous that i'll arrive home and we'll have a tree down in the apt. so far so good. tonight/tomorrow we decorate! :)

i've missed you guys! any turkey day memories to share?

i always find cute ideas too late. but i'm blogging this one - for next year!!! :)

click here for the diy

{photo courtesy: kimi coopet}


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