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giveaway update!

while wade and i were walking to hillsboro village for coffee on saturday afternoon, we happened upon the mother-load of teeny tiny acorns!!! :) their little caps are under 3/8" - what i was initially looking for. they make the perfect little acorn earrings.

so i thought i'd revise (and extend) the giveaway. leave me a comment with your favorite thing about fall + your email address and you're entered to win! :)


Hé Ré said...

My favorite thing about fall is that crisp feeling in the air. It's almost as if it's cleaner/purer! - heather.rene7@gmail.com

Wade said...

Stepping out into cold, morning air and inhaling/ exhaling the smell of a campfire. P.S. My wife really wants these earrings. -wade.l.munday@gmail.com

The Gronewold Family said...

I WANT THESE! Too bad you didn't draw my name in the family drawing! (Maybe Ross should enter the drawing so he can get them for me - hint hint!) My favorite thing about fall - probably scarves and boots.

savingartistryan said...

Hi Blair! I just discovered your blog, and I love it! I may be stealing some ideas from you. :) My favorite thing about fall is the opportunity to wear acorn earrings- they go with all the beautiful fall colors!

Christina said...

hopefully this isn't too long!

my favorite thing...

The depth of life is slow
And sweet in the October sun
with the fiery leaves rusting
Against the cool blue water
And little feet are kept from sinking into solid ground
as winter moves with quiet force
into the veins of the present season
We wrap the blanket of fall around us
Hot breath against cold air
A cocoon of desperate energy
we're wide awake
And alive

really just the *feeling* that fall brings! those earrings are amazingly cute:)!

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