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mon-DIY: old book garland 1 + a confession

wade and i spent the majority of the weekend babysitting for his niece and nephew. fun fun fun - but SUPER DUPER exhausting. (needless to say - we have plenty of time before we'll have kids of our own). then yesterday was it's usual whirlwind of sunday activities: church, lunch, errands, bible study with my calvin house girls, and then a run. by the end of the day, we were both pretty pooped.

after church wade and i decided to take a drive to look at a farm that's for sale north of nashville. it wasn't the farm for us. but on the way back into town we passed a pile of brush - not just any brush - MAGNOLIA branches! somehow i convinced wade to turn around - and together we grabbed three big branches full. what do they say? someone's trash is another person's treasure.

so while wade watched football, i sat at the table convinced that i was going to turn our find into something spectacular. 2 hours, several bad words (yes i'll admit it) and an allergy attack or two later ... and we have a 5' garland for over the french doors that lead from the living room to the kitchen and a wreath for the front door.

... needless to say, there will be no DIY.

wade teased that i should blog about failed craft attempts. ha! so here it is ... sometimes the ideas in my head don't turn out exactly as i want them too. and sometimes it takes stopping and restarting several times before they do. :) what can i say - i'm human.

but i do have my second part of last weeks manic {craft}ern-evening ... with the leftover pages from the "old book mistletoe" i posted last week, here's a simple garland DIY.

inspiration: david stark's circle stitch garland @ west elm.

* old paper from a book or newspaper
* sewing machine
* thread
* either a die cut or scissors


step 1) cut out lots and lots and lots of circles. i used a 2" die cut which made the job quite a bit easier.

step 2) sew them together leaving a little space between each circle. this is super easy because your machine should feed the circle through. i did it while watching tv and barely paid attention to the machine. (no need for perfect lines!)

step 3) clip the garland to the length you need and ... well that's it!

voila ...

a very easy little craft that will definitely be added to our tree this year! :) enjoy.


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

well it turned out beautiful anyway!

i'm going to attempt to make that doily anthropologie necklace like the bleubird vintage lady did. but i can't find any friggin' doilies in this town! :)


A Case Of The Mundays said...

for real! antiquing is cool in nashville. wade and i have found that if you go just 30 min out of town you can find fantastic treats at 1/2 the price (or more!!!) that's why we went to illinois for our pie safe and kitchen table. have you tried gas lamp by 100 oaks? there's a stand in the middle with vintage linens. love it.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

oh, i've been to gas lamp once. loved it! I will go there and look for doilies. Thanks!

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