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fri-DIY: acorn earrings @ a giveaway!

i've been so overwhelmed with decorating our new apt ... fall has almost passed w/out any {craft}ernoons! but last night i found time to make some easy little acorn earrings. the perfect accessory for the season without looking like your former 3rd grade school teacher (no offense 3rd grade school teachers that read my blog!).


* 2 - little acorn tops - i searched for ones just at 1/2".
* 2 - beads that fit snugly in the acorn tops
* 2 - earring fish hooks
* 2 - headpins
* a needle
* round nose pliers
* wire cutters


1) with your needle, make a hole through the center of the acorn top.

2) add a bead and the acorn top to a headpin.

3) with your wire cutters cut the excess wire so that it is about 3/8" long and use your round nose pliers to make the remaining end into a little loop. add the fish hook before closing the loop tightly.

TA DA ... simple acorn earrings.

want a pair of your own! well leave me a comment with your favorite thing about fall + your email address. i'll pick one lucky winner next thursday!  this giveaway is closed.

and while i'm on the subject ... some fun acorn inspired etsy finds:

1) this acorn rubber stamps by norajane.

2) this acorn baby beanie by forstitches.

3) these adorable squirrels by sleepy king.


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