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umbrella love ...

it's raining ... it's pouring!

and derek my car is back in the shop (yes again!) - so i walked to work!
(wade had some errands to run - and there was no way i was heading in @ 7.30)
i think i made it just in time ... but it's definitely time to invest in an umbrella.

a little rainy day happy list:

1) the perfect umbrella (or umbrella picture)

2) walks in the rain. {wade mentioned last week that we need to take more of these. so cute!}

3) bright colored rain boots

4) puddle jumping

5) and of course ... rainy day naps!

{all photos courtesy of we♥it}

i know, i know.

i teased yesterday about our weekend finds. and now i have left you hanging. but our monday was crazy busy. we left work early for our last pre-marital session (i guess it would now be post-marital as we've been married a whole month!). then we rushed out to bellevue to check out a couch we saw on craigslist. it was a no. :( and we finished off the night w/ dinner @ laura's. delicious! i can't wait to attempt her butternut squash recipe.

pics of our finds either tomorrow or thursday! i promise. i just want to do a little styling! :)


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