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i love fridays ...

and i love everything about fall!!!

wade and i have quite the "to do" list to tackle this weekend:

*tonight: we shop for supplies for the bookshelves & start the build.
* tomorrow: i participate in barcampnashville (a little continued music business education) while wade continues on with the bookshelves. his folks drop off a desk for the bedroom/office. then i'm off to arrington vineyards to celebrate em's birthday.
* sunday: we head to church in the am & the high school bible study that i host in the evening ... and somewhere in between - i bake a halloween treat for the latter!

sigh. i'm exhausted already!

... but we couldn't let the weekend pass us by without squeezing in some fun fall festivities. so wade's going to pick me up a bit early from arrington and we're heading to rippavilla for a cornmaze & pumpkin picking! yay.

in preparation ... a happy list of some of my fall favorites:

1) hot apple cider
2) pumpkins ... i don't believe bigger is better here. check out these little guys:

3) oooh ... and pumpkin pie {w/ whipped cream of course!}
4) beards. wade is growing a fantastic beard just in time for winter winds. i love it.
5) layers ... lots and lots of warm layers whether it be quilts on the bed or sweaters and scarves.

6) bonfires & smores ... they come hand in hand.

{okay okay i realize these aren't bonfire-made smores ... but delicious!}

7) candy corn - actually ... i prefer the pumpkins!
8) and of course, indian corn - so many amazing colors.

9) and while we're on the subject, corn mazes ... as long as wade doesn't leave my side!

10) and last but not least ... ghost stories. wade recently bought a book of nashville based ghost stories. he reads me 1 or 2 before bed. :) spooky. a good excuse to cuddle even closer.

what are some of your favorites?

{photos courtesy of we♥it except the indian corn picture - courtesy of pottery barn}


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