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ooh la la ...

earlier this week I ordered the guys' ties {and Haven's bow tie} off etsy. finally I had made a decision on wardrobe for them ... you see, i have had the hardest time deciding what the guys should wear for the wedding.

while my mom was in town a few weeks back we drove out to gallatin with the sole purpose of picking out tuxes. but once we arrived ... i just wasn't sold on anything i was seeing. mom and i googled and realized that we could find suits more in line with what i had in mind for cheaper than the rental. and the guys would have a new suit in the end.

so wade and i planned to make a decision on what the guys were going to wear once we were in the same town. {did i mention he's FINALLY home on tuesday!!!}

well yesterday i got a call from men's wearhouse about their current promotion which ends tomorrow. buy 1 suit, get 1 free.

yeeks ... it was a deal to sweet to pass up. so wade went out and got sizes OVER NIGHT and today i put in an order.

of course ... it couldn't be that easy. the suit i chose (and love) is no longer being manufactured ... so what they have available is final. and they had correct sizes for all but 1. i decided to order one size down. fingers crossed that they run a bit big. because is 1 doesn't fit - we're back at square one.

... have I mentioned I LOVE THEM. i'm now more excited about what the guys are going to wear than i am what the ladies are going to wear. {must work on that!}

{with a quick fix retouch to reflect what it should look like with white shirt and the ties!}

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